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What do we do?

We periodically post free sample, discount coupons, free competitions and special offers. Look at all the offers, click on the ones that interest you and follow the instructions to get the offer. It is usually very simple and fast, to order free samples or register for a competition you are asked to fill out a form, participate in a contest or an online survey or an online game. The discount vouchers, however, must be printed and shown in one of the shops indicated in the offer.

Whose are all these offers?

The initiative to provide free samples and shopping vouchers, to indulge in prize competitions and special or timed offers, starts with the various companies that intend to sponsor their brand and their products. The gifts and prizes are sent by the sponsoring companies. SuperSample groups and reports these offers on a single site.

When do you receive free gifts and prizes?

Most of the gifts and prizes arrive in two or three months from the request, but some of them can be picked up in person, showing the coupon in the stores participating in the initiative. If you are a winner of a competition according to the rules. You can find all the information within the offer by clicking on the link that refers to the complete rules.

Where do I use coupons?

In every coupon there is a list with all the sale points you can shop. Discount vouchers are valid in almost all supermarkets.

Is it really all free?

The request of free samples, the use of discount coupons, participation in prize competitions and access to special offers are totally free and any shipping costs are charged to companies that advertise their products. On SuperSample you will not be asked for payments or transactions of any kind.

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