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Free samples: perfumes, cosmetics, make-up and detergents

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Which products you can try for free

Did you know that there are many possibilities to receive free samples of different products, such as perfumes, cosmetics, make-up, detergents and household products, food and much more?

The major companies advertise themselves by distributing a limited stock of their products for free. In particular, the free fragrance samples are the most requested and appreciated by women and men, along with food. The complimentary samples of detergents, make up and cosmetics, on the other hand, are mainly directed at a female target.

In this category of SuperSample are grouped thousands of initiatives of the most important and well-known brands.

How to receive free samples

Every day this page is updated with the latest promotions that allow you to receive free samples.

There are usually two types of free samples:

  1. to request online;

  2. to be collected in the store.

How to receive them? Just follow the instructions in each offer.

In the first case you will need to fill out a registration form by entering your details and your address, then you will probably need to print a coupon or save it on your smartphone and show it in one of the participating stores specified in the offer.

Timing affects the outcome of the request because these initiatives are subject to stocking and usually end in a few hours.

How to have a good chance of receiving the sample? Visiting this page often and joining the offer as soon as it is published!

How free marketing has developed

The practice of distributing free samples as a marketing strategy was born at the end of the 19th century, when big entrepreneurs started to give the public a stock of their products in small formats. Through this operation, companies reach a large share of consumers who know and choose those brands in this way. Coca Cola, for example, is one of the first companies that has promoted its product through banquets where it was given a free taste.

Today, the distribution of free samples has become one of the most effective marketing strategies for several reasons: on the one hand, it represents an action of customer loyalty, which feels pampered by the company and continues in this way to choose that mark; on the other hand, it is an action able to reach many potential customers who can test products for free, remain satisfied and choose that company, thus becoming real customers.

The free samples along with the discount coupons, are very popular with the population because they save a good part of the monthly family budget.

Become a product tester

Another popular initiative among companies and free samples is to promote contests to find people who become testers of their products. The selected people can try out the company's new products for free by receiving them directly at home. They have to give feedback regarding the use, advantages, effectiveness, or potential criticality of such products.

When a company promotes a contest to become a tester, it is possible to apply for free by filling out a form. Based on the timing specified in the official regulations, present in each initiative, if you were selected, you will receive an email (also check in spam) with all the instructions to complete the procedure.

Thousands of people have already requested and received samples reported on SuperSample directly home and many others are discovering this free opportunity, what about you? What are you waiting for? Wouldn't you like to try a product for free before buying it? Log in and start now!

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